Elongate the Hip and Groin Muscle – Supine Groin Stretch

Supine Groin Stretch

1. Lie on your back in the supine groin position with one leg straight out on the floor and the other leg on a block or a chair with the knee bent at 90 degrees
2. Your arms are out to your sides with palms facing up, upper body relaxed
3. Tighten the thigh of the straight leg
* To do this flatten your knee down the floor – do not tighten your butt muscles
4. Notice where you most feel contraction or tightening of the muscle (probably, just above the knee)
5. Next, relax the thigh contraction for 5 minutes and then recheck it again at the next 5 minute point. The contraction should feel higher up the leg this time and with each consecutive test
6. Relax then repeat on other leg

Purpose: This exercise promotes an elongation of the hip and groin muscles. The effect of this action will create a chain reaction of muscular response in the upper body


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